Dual pan capabilities
   360-degree microphone pan
   360-degree boom pan
   Dual tilt capabilities *
   Boom pivots 30 degrees upward or downward from horizontal center
                     (60 degrees total travel)
   Microphone Tilt Hanger tilts 90 degrees *
   Microphone pan brake
   Boom pan brake
   Boom pivot brake
   Two position microphone pan and tilt handle (handle up or handle down)
   Adjustable panning handle
   Continually balanced
   Adjustable counterbalance weights
   Accommodates microphones up to 5 pounds (2.27 kg)
   Industry standard mounting socket
   Precision concentrically ground polyurethane rollers
   Taper ground inside tube
   Sound dampening outside tube cover
   Short rear projection
       Not on Booms with Tilt Hanger
      * For Booms with J.L. Fisher Tilt Hanger