The Model 7 Boom is a quiet, smooth and easy to use telescopic
   Microphone Boom with a variety of features and accessories that enable
   operators to position microphones in nearly any position. This Boom is
   primarily for use in television production and has provided the industry
   with a long history of reliable service. The Model 7 Boom is available in
   four different lengths, providing sound personnel with a wide range of
   flexibility. The Model 7 Boom can be mounted overhead on Catwalk
   Stands (ACS, CS) or on stage flooring using the Model 6 Base (6).
   A new feature available on our longer Booms is a Carbon Fiber inside
   tube that is lighter, more rigid and quieter than standard tubes.
   The Carbon Fiber inside tube is standard on the 29-Foot Boom and
   optional on the 26-Foot Boom.