Select accessory for detailed view
Allen Wrench  (AWR)
Battery Rack   (PBY)
Battery Rack   (BRE )
Carry Handles  (CH)
Front Boards  (F)
Front Boards  (FE)
Front Pins  (FPIN)
High Side Boards  (H)
High Side Boards  (HE)
High Side Boards (Left)  (HTL)
High Side Boards (Right)   (HTR)
Knee Bumper  (BPR)
Large Seat   (S)
Low Side Boards   (LE)
Low Side Boards   (LT)
Low Side Boards   (L)
Pnuematic Wheels
Power Cord   (PC)
Push Posts (for model 10 dolly)  (PP10)
Push Posts (for model 11 dolly)  (PP11)
Push Posts (for model 9 dolly)  (PP9)
Small Seat   (ST)
Standard Multi-Position Level Head  (SLE)
Standard Multi-Position Level Head  (SLT)

Spyder and Jib Arm Dolly Standard Accessories
(Detailed popups of these accessories are not available.)
Battery Tray
Four Way Level Head w/ Mitchell Mount
Seat Extensions
Seat Riser
Steering Post
Swivel Seats

Dolly Boards & Platforms
Beam Step Standing Platform   (BST)
Beam Step Standing Platform   (BS)
Diving Board, Left  (DTL)
Diving Board, Left   (DEL)
Diving Board, Left  (DBL)
Diving Board, Right   (DER)
Diving Board, Right   (DTR)
Diving Board, Right   (DBR)
Front Board Bridge   (EFB)
Front Board Bridge   (NFB)
Front Board Bridge   (FBB)
Front Porch   (FP & H)
Front Porch   (FPE)
Front Porch   (FP & RPT)
Front Track Platform   (FTPE)
Front Track Platform   (FTP)
Low Front Board   (LFB)
Low Front Board   (LFBE)
Standing Platform   (SPE)
Camera Mounts
100mm Ball Adaptor   (100A)
150mm Ball Adaptor   (150A)
75mm Ball Adaptor   (75A)
90-Degree Camera Angle Plate   (AP)
Camera Offset, 10-Inch  (U)
Camera Offset, 24-Inch  (TH)
Camera Riser W/ Ball Adaptor, 12-Inch   (R12B)
Camera Riser w/ Ball Adaptor, 6-Inch  (R6B)
Camera Riser, 12-Inch   (R12)
Camera Riser, 3-Inch  (R3)
Camera Riser, 6-Inch  (R6)
Half-Ball Adaptor   (HBA)
Long Low Level Head   (LLH)
Low Level Head  (LH)
Low Offset Head  (LOH)
Quick Change Low Level Head   (LHE)
Quick Change Low Level Head   (LHT)
Rotating Offset   (RO)
Rotating Offset w/ Ball Adaptor  (ROB)
Rotating Offset, Long  (ROX)
Rotating Offset, Low  (ROL)
Rotating Offset, Pivot  (ROP)
Jimmy Fisher Company Products
Camera Riser, 12-Inch   (RJ12)
Camera Riser, 24-Inch   (RJ24)
Camera Riser, 24-Inch   (RJ18)
Camera Riser, 36-Inch  (RJ36)
Camera Riser, 6-Inch   (RJ6)
Cross Arm (11.5-Inch to 19-Inch Reach)  (CRA1)
Cross Arm (15-Inch to 24-Inch Reach)  (CRA2)
Cross Arm (18-Inch to 29-Inch Reach)  (CRA3)
Cross Arm (23-Inch to 36-Inch Reach)  (CRA4)
Cross Arm (31-Inch to 53-Inch Reach)  (CRA6)
Cross Arm (48-Inch to 68-Inch Reach)  (CRA8)
Cross Arm (50-Inch to 68-Inch Reach)  (CRA12)
Mitchell Euro Adaptor  (MEA)
Mitchell Mount Lamp Adaptor   (MLA)
Model 20 Jib Arm (51.5-Inch Reach)  (20)
Model 21 Jib Arm (68.5-Inch Reach)  (21)
Model 22 Jib Arm (99.5-Inch Reach)   (22)
Weaver/Steadman Fluid Head, 2 Axis   (WS2)
Weaver/Steadman Fluid Head, 3 Axis   (WS3)
Other Accessories
Center Mount  (CM)
Cue Board  (CB )
High Hat  (HH)
Lamp Adaptor  (LA)
Monitor Rack   (MRD)
Push Bar  (PB)
Scooter Board  (SCO)
Short Carry Handle  (CHE)
Waffle Adaptor  (WAT)
Seat & Seat Accessories
Backrest and Seat (for use on Level Head)  (BR+MLA)
Rotating Seat  (RS)
Seat Offset, High  (SOH)
Seat Offset, Straight  (SOS)
Seat Riser  (SR6)
Track & Track Accessories
Round Curved Track, 20-Foot Dia.  (CR)
Round Straight Track, 10-Foot  (TR10)
Round Straight Track, 2-Foot  (TR2)
Round Straight Track, 3-Foot  (TR3)
Round Straight Track, 4-Foot  (TR4)
Round Straight Track, 8-Foot  (TR)
Square Curved Track, 10-Foot Dia.   (CS1)
Square Curved Track, 20-Foot Dia.   (CS2)
Square Curved Track, 30-Foot Dia.  (CS3)
Square Curved Track, 70-Foot Dia.   (CS7)
Square Straight Track, 10-Foot  (STR10)
Square Straight Track, 16-Foot  (STR16)
Square Straight Track, 20-Foot  (STR20)
Square Straight Track, 2-Foot  (STR2)
Square Straight Track, 3-Foot  (STR3)
Square Straight Track, 4-Foot  (STR4)
Square Straight Track, 8-Foot   (STR)
Track Starter For Round Track   (RMPR)
Track Starter For Square Track   (RMP)
Track Wedges  (WED)
Wheels & Ice Skates
Ice Skates  (SKE)
Ice Skates  (SK)
Ice Skates  (SK9)
Round Straight Track Adaptor  (TWR)
Round Track Wheels   (TTW)
Soft Compound Wheels  (SCWE)
Soft Compound Wheels  (SCWT)
Soft Compound Wheels  (SCW9)
Soft Wheels  (SWE)
Soft Wheels  (SWT)
Soft Wheels  (SW9)
Square Straight Track Adaptor  (TWS)
Track Adaptors  (ETC)

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