The Vector 700 Pan and Tilt Head is designed for use in the television, film
   and video industries to support and balance cameras and ancillary equipment.
   With its new Thin Film Drag System, the Vector 700 Pan and Tilt Head provides
   the camera operator a number of unique benfits. It has a minimum 104 degrees
   of tilt movement for the latest digital studio and OB cameras with long lens or
   teleprompter combinations. The Thin Film Drag System is a non-contacting
   calibrated system ensuring consistent drag and constant performance over an
   extended temperature range from -40° F to 140° F. It offers a tailored drag
   characteristic that combines a high level of control at start of movement, a
   seamless transition into whip pan and instant recovery to the original drag
   setting at the end of movement. Incorporating its unique patented counterbalance
   system, the Vector 700 requires no time-consuming cam changes.